About Us

"The Quality You Want, With The Speed You Need!"

Our years of Experience here at Fast Track Moving & Storage, LLC have taught us that a move can be both Physically and Mentally exhausting for the average family. Whether it's heavy lifting, packing your belongings in a truck without damaging them, or simply figuring out how to get your 60" Flat screen television to your new home without it smashing to pieces, there are a lot of things that can go terribly wrong when it comes time to move. With already so much to worry about on Moving Day, from transferring utilities to registering your children at their New Schools, leave the Moving Plans to us at Fast Track. Our expert planning team will Assess and Outline your move, and our experienced Moving Crews are Professionals prepared to handle all your moving day challenges. When you move with Fast Track, what you're actually purchasing is a Peace of Mind!

The Fast Track Initiative

This unique company, Fast Track Moving & Storage, LLC, was founded with hopes to introduce an Innovative Approach to the moving industry. Founded by former college athlete, Korrey Williams, Fast Track utilizes Students and Student-Athletes to promote its image of Fitness, Speed, and Excellent Work Ethic. We partner Future Leaders of America with Professional Movers to give an Innovative new chemistry to an age old industry! Our aim is to change the way many people perceive the residential & business moving and storage industry as a whole. Fast Track also provides a great employment opportunity for our Community's students and student-athletes who are trying to support themselves as they equip their minds with the tools to live out their own American Dreams! Come and be a part of our journey and our Dream! Come "Get on The Fast Track!"